You remember that woman I spoke about who had the factory with no room for poor little me. The one I basically put my life on the line for running that nerve shattering Roadblock?

Well I’d run out or ideas on finding a Factory and figured after all I’d been through that day it was her duty to help me. So I called her and asked nicely and kind of pleaded and begged her to find me something.

I was on a time frame and every day that went by was making me more nervous that I’d never get my production done.

She called me back 2 hours later and lo and behold she pulled a rabbit out of a hat and found me one just up the road from my Villa. This is almost a miracle. Went straight away met the owner and his wife, told them what I needed and it was as easy as that. Not!!

This is where the fun and games begin and one of the most challenging times of my life. A few things you have to understand about doing work in Bali, if something can go wrong it will, be prepared for the unexpected and nothing or no one is what they appear to be, ever.

I actually don’t think they took me seriously but they will. The owner actually said something to me that I’ll never forget when he looked at my designs and I quote:

“For a woman your age you have some very young and hip ideas. I’ve never met anyone like you before.”

And he never will.

Stay tuned — it’s about to get very opaque and transparent at the same time. Let the games begin.