Woke up in my own Private Idaho surrounded by spectacular art everywhere and ensconced in the billowy magic of a canopy bed to die for. Sounds good so far, yes?

Made my way downstairs to the kitchen to get my morning eye opener of Java. By the way the staff is under strict orders not to speak or look directly at me until I’ve had said Java.

And now the fun starts. I forgot 2 important things. One is that Billy Moon, my life saver, is building a swimming pool very close to the kitchen and it rained like Hell last night so between the mud and the construction well the stairs did me in.

French press goes flying out of my hands and I go down to the sheer shock and panic of the same staff who are not suppose to even look at me before my coffee. They fortunately broke the rules and ran over to tend to my blood and lacerations.

By the way nothing new, I’m very clumsy and am always tripping. So all cleaned up and decide I’m just going to get on my bike and have a proper breakfast with someone else making me coffee.

Off I go to my favorite restaurant Cafe Moka and my favorite waiter Nyoman. I have known Nyoman for at least 12 years so he’s much more than a waiter, he’s one of my dearest friends and confidants. I order my latte and extremely delicious omelet which he always oversees to make sure it’s perfect and we catch up.

Haven’t seen him in a year and in the course of our conversation I realize it’s my Birthday. Well actually I just temporarily forgot after the fall but now he wants to know how I’ll celebrate.

I have a party planned for tonight but what to do after breakfast. He suggests maybe buy myself a present and so I did. Not a dress or a pair of stilettos was going to do so I bought myself a tattoo and not something I’d tire of. Something meaningful that represented how far I’d come and who I was on this my 24th birthday again.

Bad ass chicks have no fear is now emblazoned across my forehead.

Only kidding — it’s on my forearm to remind me that when I’m riding the unforgivable, chaotic roads of Bali just look down at your forearm and everything will be okay (and also I pray a lot).

That night I partied with the crew of La Libre and suffice it to say didn’t look for a new factory or the Holy Grail.