the rock skirt


The Sea in blue, turquoise, and white.

Please see the additional photos below for pattern/color combinations.

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The most amazing, versatile skirt you will ever wear. Can be worn 3 different ways.

It’s all about the buttons: The waistband folds over to show a second batik.

Shown in the photo is one way to wear it, and simply by turning the skirt around backwards the skirt is now short in the front and the back now has a tail and the waistband dips into a V shape.

A third way to wear this skirt is by turning it into a dress! Just pull it up all the way and button it up, and now you have a short dress.

Each skirt boasts 2 motifs and buttons across the waist to fit every size.

My signature skirt and one you will never tire of.

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The Sea, The Island, The Road


Blue and White, Blue and Turquoise, Black and White, Navy and White, Navy and Creme